Thursday, June 18, 2020

Linux - Ubiquiti Unifi Network Controller Installation/Upgrade

Ubiquiti Unifi Network Controller on Ubuntu

For anyone running their own Ubiquiti Unifi Network Controller on a Linux platform, you should check out the upgrade script written by Glenn Rietveld. This script is updated with every new release of the controller software and makes the installation and upgrade process much easier. Download the script here:
  • Prerequisites

    • apt-get update; apt-get install ca-certificates wget -y
    • wget
  • Installation

    • chmod +x
    • ./
After the script launches it will auto update to the latest version and will prompt which version of the Unifi Network Controller software you'd like to install. Follow the onscreen prompts and when it's done, you'll have the latest release of the Unifi Controller software running. It even has a function to run a backup of your controller before continuing with any actual software changes.

VMware - vSphere ISO Upload Certificate Error

VMware KB2147256

The operation failed for an undetermined reason. Typically this problem occurs due to certificates that the browser does not trust. If you are using self-signed or custom certificates, open the URL below in a new browser tab and accept the certificate, then retry the operation.