Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Zetta Cloud Backup - Introduction

Zetta cloud based backup solutions offer great flexibility as well as affordable offsite backup and DR. We started using them this year and the flexibility has been a great part of the backup. You have the option for the typical cloud backup as well as a local backup copy for faster restores, and you can backup individual files or a volume. Additional options include Exchange and MSSQL support, as well as NetApp and HyperV modules. The backup client supports both Windows and Linux and there's even a VMware hypervisor client.

For DR you can actually boot a VM image in their cloud and connect to it remotely. This option does require some advanced setup but is a great DR solution. For a regular backup restore operation you can mount the volume backup in the cloud and browse it to restore an individual file rather than needing to download and restore the entire volume image. If you keep a local copy the image can be restore locally which works without the need to restore from the cloud solution.

The cost of Zetta varies by the amount of data being backed up. The cost averages out to about $3.20/GB per year for the cloud backup and recovery with the DR offering at an additional cost.

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