Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Virtualization - Oracle VM 3.4.1

The new version of Oracle VM 3.4.1 is out and appears to offer some improvements over the previous versions. The web interface loads much quicker and the general "feel" of the web application is much smoother overall.

The installation is very easy on the Oracle VM Manager, simply download the installer to the existing Oracle VM Manager server and run through the installation steps. After that's done the Oracle VM servers are much more difficult to upgrade if you're not running your own YUM repository. That setup is detailed here.

One thing to note when you update the Para-Virtualization Drivers on your Windows guest VMs, you'll want to check the MTU setting on the network cards. If you're running Jumbo Frames you'll need to reset the MTU to 9000 since when the new driver is installed it gets reset to 1500.

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